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How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery? (2 Ways)

Having a dead car battery can be one of the most frustrating things. You go out to your car in the morning or after work, put the key in and turn it and nothing happens or only a clanking sound happens.

This means you are probably going to be late to your next location because you got to figure out how to get your car started. Well, the good thing is a dead battery is something that can be fixed from right where you are at.

There is actually a couple ways to start a car with a dead battery. After reading this article you will know your options and how to start a car with a dead battery.

How to start a car with a dead battery

How to start a car with a dead battery?

Options for Dead Battery

You have a couple main options if your car battery is dead and you need to get it started.

The first option is to charge the battery on a charger or a battery tender. For most people this isn’t a practical solution because when they find out their battery is dead it is because they are trying to go somewhere.

Also, not a lot of people have car battery chargers in there home. That means most people will use the other option and that is to jump the car. We will go into farther detail on how to jump a car below.

If you have a manual car, then you actually have a second option that people with automatic cars don’t have. If you have a manual car, then you can sometimes push start it depending on how low the battery is.

To do this though you need at least two people. The simple explanation of push starting a car is one person pushes the car, while the other person turns the key.

By pushing the car it causes the alternator to work and put off a charge to the battery. If the battery is not too low, this charge will be enough to give the battery enough juice to start the car.

Options for dead battery

Options for dead battery

How to Jump a Car With A Dead Battery

For those with automatic cars though you can’t push start them. This is because you can’t put the car in gear when it is off. That means you will have to jump the car.

To jump a car you will need jumper cables and another car. It really is that simple of only needing two components. That is why it is a good idea to carry a pair of jumper cables in your trunk for emergencies.

They do not cost much and you never know when you might need them. Now though we will go into how to use the jumper cables, so you can know what to do if you ever need to jump your car.

The jumper cables have two colored clips on them. One is normally red and the other is black. The red is positive and the black is negative. To jump a car you need to pop both cars hoods and open them.

This is so you can get to the battery. All you do is hook the alligator clips onto the metal terminals on each battery. Some cars have rubber caps over the terminals that you have to pop off.

How to jump a car?

How to jump a car?

Be sure to put the red positive clip on the terminal that is positive. To know which is which the positive will be marked with a plus sign. The black ground one goes on the other one that is marked with a minus sign.

On some vehicles the battery is positioned where you may not be able to get to the negative or ground terminal. If that is the case then there is most likely a piece of metal running along the battery that is connected to the ground part that you can hook the negative end too.

If you can not find such a piece, then you can just hook the negative end to any other piece of metal, such as the frame or side panel of the car.

The ground side just has to be connected to something metal to complete the circuit. The positive side is the only one that has to be connected to the battery.

Once you have the connectors hooked to both car batteries it is time to jump start the car. First you want to start the working car. Then, let the working car run for a minute or so.

This will allow the energy to transmit to the dead car. Once that is done you can try to start the dead car. If it doesn’t start wait a little longer and try again. Most of the time this works without any problems.

Once the dead car is running and can turn off the working car and carefully remove the jumper cables. You don’t want to touch the metal ends of the jumper cables whenever they are connected to either car.

Also, if you have gloves, then it is a good idea to wear them to protect you.

After the cables are removed, then you can close up the hood. It is a good idea to drive the jumped car a bit before turning it off to make sure that the battery will stay charged enough to restart it after turning it off.

If you don’t let the jumped car run long enough, then you will have to jump it again.

What if no other car

How do you jump a car if you don’t have another car around though? Maybe you are home alone and don’t want to call someone to come.

Well, if you have a lawn mower, then it most likely has a 12 volt battery too (if you want to be sure it has how many volts battery, you can use the car battery tester to test), so you can use it to jump start your car. You do that in the same way as if you were using another car.

What if no other car

What if no other car

This is a useful thing to know in a pinch, but to prevent this from happening you can also by a portable battery pack.

They make jump start kits that you can carry in your trunk that has a battery and jumper cables connected to it. All you do is connect the cables and turn the device on.

Then you just start your car like normal. It is highly recommended that everyone has one of these that they carry with them. The key though is to make sure it is always charged and taken care of.

You may forget you have it in your trunk and then when you need it, it might not be working right. They normally aren’t to expensive and it is nice to have the peace of mind that you can start your car no matter where you are at.

Also, they are cheaper then a tow bill if you do get stranded somewhere.


Enjoy your trip!!!

Enjoy your trip!!!

So, if you end up with a dead car battery you have a few options. You can remove the battery and charge it, push start the car if it is a manual, or jump start the car.

For most people jumping the car is the best option and now that you have read this you know how to do it properly.

Also, you know you can use a mower in a pinch or get a portable jumping pack, so you won’t ever get caught unprepared with a dead battery again.


Car Battery Won’t Hold A Charge: Why And What To Do?

Your car battery is one of the key components in running your car. It is especially important when you go to start the car.

The battery provides all the electrical energy to run anything in your car that uses electricity. It runs the headlights, radio, and even the starter.

That is why if your  car battery won’t hold a charge it is a major issue because your car won’t start and you will have to jump it all the time. There are a handful of reasons why your car battery won’t hold a charge and also a few things you can do about it.

car battery won’t hold a charge

What to do if car battery won’t hold a charge?

Reasons Won’t Hold A Charge

1. One of the most common reasons why your car battery didn’t hold a charge is because something got left on.

If your dome light comes on when you open your door, then it might have got left on during the night by the door not getting closed all the way.

Also, your headlights might have got left on draining the battery. You will learn how to figure out if this is the case later on in the article.

Your headlights might have got left on draining the battery

Your headlights might have got left on draining the battery

2. Another reason for your battery not holding a charge is that you might have a parasitic drain in your vehicle. A parasitic drain is when you have something wrong in your electrical system that puts a small draw on the battery.

If you drive your car normally, then the alternator probably charges the battery enough that you may not notice this drain. If your car sits for a few days however, then it may end up dead when you go to start it from the drain.

A parasitic drain could be going on for months before you are aware of it and tracking one down can be a major headache.

3. A third reason for your battery to not be holding a charge is a bad alternator or serpentine belt. The alternator is what charges the battery while you are driving.

It is like a small generator and takes some of the mechanical energy of the engine spinning and turns it into an electrical energy.

If the alternator is going bad, then it may not be converting as much energy to the battery. This will eventually lead to the battery wearing down and not holding a charge.

Also, if the belt connecting the c to the motor is loose, then the alternator may not be working at its full potential and this too will lead to the battery not getting recharged all the way while driving.

If the alternator is going bad, then it may not be converting as much energy to the battery

If the alternator is going bad, then it may not be converting as much energy to the battery

4. The last reason for a car battery not holding a charge is that it is old. As a car battery ages the cells can not hold as much energy. Most batteries have dates when they were bought and if it has been awhile then that could be a reason.

Also, dirty connectors on the terminals can cause the battery to not get charged all the way and lead to it dying.

What To Do If Your Car Battery Won’t Hold A Charge

If your car battery is not holding a charge, then there are a few things you can do depending on why it is not holding a charge.

First you need to make sure the battery didn’t just die from something getting left on. If that is why it died, then you shouldn’t need to do anything to your car after jumping it. It will recharge on its own.

If it is a parisitic drain, then you might not notice it again until the car has sit again. If this keeps happening, then you have to try to find the drain to stop it from happening. If that is not the reason, then you need to find the reason.

If the car battery is not holding a charge from a bad alternator or serpentine belt, then you need to replace that part. You can use a volt meter and battery tester to see if the alternator is charging the battery while the car is running.

You can try to recharge it with best battery maintainer, maybe it will help your battery keep alive.

Most auto shops such as Auto Zone will do this for you for free. If it is the alternator, then you now know the problem and know it needs replaced. If it isn’t then you can move on to other things.

One of the things you can do even if you don’t know the reason is clean all the connectors on the battery. This way you will know that they are making contact.

Also, if the battery has been drained multiple times, then you can put it on a slow charger and this will help it hold a charge better.

If your battery is old, then you have a few options of things you can do. Most people might not have the money to replace their battery whenever it gets old, and the battery is something you forget about until it doesn’t work.

If you have an old battery and can’t afford to replace it, then you can try recharging the cells. To do this you buy a kit and then remove the battery cover to expose the cells.

You add the liquid from the kit using the directions and then put the cover back on. This gives the battery more conductive juice to help it hold a charge again and last a little longer.

Recharging a battery though is only a temporary fix and recharged batteries don’t hold a charge as well as new ones.


Enjoy your trip!!!

Enjoy your trip!!!

There are a lot of reasons why car battery won’t hold a charge. It could be something as simple as something just getting left on one time killing the battery, or it could be that you have a small parasitic drain weakening the battery.

Also, it might be that the battery isn’t getting charged all the way due to a bad alternator. Lastly it might just be an old battery.

Depending on the reason that the battery isn’t holding a charge, you can do a few things. You can replace the battery if it is old or try recharging it.

If the alternator is going bad, then you can replace it. If it is a parasitic drain, then you can hunt it down and stop it.

Lastly, if the battery was drained just from lights getting left on, you shouldn’t have to do anything besides drive some after jumping the car.

How To Tell If A Car Battery Is Dead?

A dead car battery is one of the most common reasons why your car won’t start out of the blue when you go to start it. It can be dead for different reasons, and sometimes it is genuinely dead while other times it was just drained.

This article will go into how to tell if a car battery is dead, and also help you figure out if it was just a one-time thing from being drained or if it is indeed dead and time to get a new one.

How to tell if a car battery is dead

How to tell if a car battery is dead?

Signs Of Dead Car Battery.

There are a lot of signs that your car battery might be dead. We will go into more detail of each in its section, but the main ways of knowing if your car battery is dead are slow engine crank, check engine light, and issues with other dashboard lights or electronic components.

Also, there are a few other less visible signs, but still important ones, especially when it comes to troubleshooting. Those are swelling of the battery and odd smell to the battery. If your car is not dead and you want to recharge your battery, i recommend you use the best battery maintainer for car battery, i think you will love it.

1/ Slow Engine Crank

The most prominent sign of a dead battery is a slow engine crank or clicking engine. The battery works with the starter to get the engine to turn over.

If the battery does not have enough charge left in it, then it can not get the starter going enough to get the engine to fire.

The first time a week battery tries to start the engine, it might work but will be slower and take longer. It is essential to be familiar with your car and how long it usually takes to turn over because if it is slow, it might be your last shot to start the car without jumping it.

If the battery is already too far dead, then instead of having a slow engine crank it won’t start at all. Instead, when you turn the key, you will have a clicking or grinding sound.

The more you turn the key, or longer you turn the key, the softer this sound will get because you are draining the battery even more. Once it is 100% depleted it won’t make a clicking sound at all.

2/ Power Features Not Working

The next most accessible sign to know if your battery is dead is to pay attention to the power features in your car. For example when you open the door if your dome light does not come on or is not as bright as it usually is, then that is a good sign your battery is weak.

Your battery also powers every other thing in the car. If you stick the key in the ignition with your door open and it doesn’t beep at you, then that is also an indicator that your battery is low or dead.

Other things you can turn on to confirm that it is the battery and not just a fault in that one particular system is you can turn your headlights on, your radio on, try to use your windows or even your wipers.

If the key is in the battery on position, then these will work if the battery is okay. If the battery is indeed dead, then none of these things will work. This is an excellent way to confirm a dead battery.

3/ Warning Light

Some cars will have a check engine light or battery light on the dash when the battery is starting to get old and wear.

If you get a check engine light or battery light, then that is an easy way to know that the battery is having issues though. Not all battery lights though mean the battery.

Depending on the car if other lights come on with the battery light coming on it could be telling you that the alternator or something else is going bad.

If you get any lights on your dash, it is a good idea to use a code reader on it or have someone do that for you so you can know precisely what is wrong.

4/ Swollen Battery And Smell

The last sign is a visual one that you have to check under the hood for. When you go to jump the car, you may notice that the battery looks swollen or smells funny.

This is because chemical reactions are going on in the battery and as it ages it starts to swell or smell.

If your battery is old, then this is a good sign to know that the battery being dead wasn’t just a one-time thing but will keep happening.

How To Know When To Replace Battery

How to know when to replace battery?

How to know when to replace battery?

Sometimes the battery being dead is just a one-time thing or a fluke. You might not have shut the door all the way, and the dome light or headlights could have drained it. This has happened to most people.

The best way to know if your battery is truly dead or just got drain from an outside cause is to have a battery test ran on it. You can use a voltmeter or a automotive multimeter  and see how much charge it has, but this won’t tell you if it is going to hold it.

Also, you might have a short in a system drawing on the battery, and a volt meter won’t help you with that either.

The best thing to do is take your car to a shop or any auto parts store. They will have a battery load tester. This device hooks up to the battery like a volt meter and can give you a readout of the current voltage and any draw being put on it.

Also, you can run a road test and rev your car for around thirty seconds while the machine is attached. This will let you know if the alternator is charging the battery, how much draw is being put on the battery, and the health of the battery. If the battery is old, this is the best way to know if you should replace it or not.


So there are a lot of signs that a battery is dead or dying. There are a mix of visual symptoms and also audible signs. First just pay attention to when you start your car, and if it seems like it took longer to turn over, then you might want to have the battery checked.

Also, pay attention to when you get in your car. If lights don’t turn on or if the vehicle doesn’t ding once you put your key in when the door is open, then the car battery is most likely dead. It could have just got drained from accidentally leaving something on, but if it is old, then it is probably not holding a charge which means it is time to get a new battery.

How Many Volts Is A Car Battery?

So you may be wondering how many volts is a car battery. This question could come up to you for multiple reasons. One could just be that you want to learn about your car. Another thought is maybe your car won’t start, and you think it is the battery.

Well, after reading this article you will learn the proper amount of voltage that should be in a car battery. The answer to how many volts is a car battery may surprise you.

Car Battery Voltage

How many volts is a car battery?

How many volts is a car battery?

A car battery is 12 volts, but this is misleading. This is because a car batteries voltage changes depending on if the car is on and off and how much draw is being put on the battery.

This means that while the vehicle is on a good battery will read higher than twelve volts. You might be thinking though that with the car off a good battery will read twelve volts then, this isn’t the case.

A good battery, at rest with the car off, should read between 12.6-12.9 volts when fully charged. This is because the battery is made up of cells usually. In a standard car battery, there are six cells, and they are connected in order.

This causes the voltage of each cell to add up. Some of the cells may have more than two volts while others have less. As long as it reads at around 12.6 volts though it means it is fully charged.

As the battery ages though the cells cannot stay charged as long or to the maximum. This is similar to a phone battery or any other type of rechargeable battery. For a phone, you may know how when it gets older it doesn’t stay charged as long. Well, a car battery works the same way.

As time goes on and the battery gets older, the cells get weaker. If your battery is a few years old, then it might only read out at the 12.2volt range or about eighty percent charged.

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What Voltage Is Too Low?

This probably leans to you wondering what voltage is too low then. Well, once the reading of the stored energy gets in the 10.6-volt range it is starting become too little.

You can charge your battery back up, but it might not hold that charge for long. If the battery begins growing too weak and not holding a charge, this is when you get issues with your car not starting.

Usually, a car battery does not discharge all the way to 0 before it is no good any longer. Once it is down to about 8 volts on a normal, it is time to get a new battery.

Most batteries have dates on them of how long they are expected to last. The good thing about a car battery is they last for 5-10 years and some longer, but the bad thing is they might be getting weak without you knowing it. If your battery not dead, i think you should have best car battery maintainer to charge your battery. It can can sense how much of a charge the battery needs, then the maintainer slowly sends a trickle charge to it over a period of several hours.

How To Check Voltage

How to check voltage?

How to check voltage?

Since they can start to weaken without you knowing, it is a good idea to check the voltage on occasion. You can try to check it maybe once a year when you are doing one of your oil changes.

This way you can stay on top of it and know your battery life. There are a few things you can do to test your battery and a few ways to check it.

The typical way for people at home to check their car is to use a automotive multimeter. All you do is connect each end of the probe to the connectors on the battery.

You then turn the meter on, and it will give you a readout. This is a simple method and gives you a basic idea of your batteries life, but it doesn’t give you a whole lot of information.

The other way to check your battery life is to use a battery load tester. You connect one in the same way and then rev the engine steady for 15-30 seconds.

The tester does a reading on your battery and can tell you how much volts it is holding and how well the alternator is working. It has a known resistance built into it, when you test the battery the tester puts it under ‘load’ to determine the anticipated amount of remaining life.

If you want this type of check done, you can go to most auto parts shops, and they will do it for you.

How Many Volts When Under Load

So I have let you know the typical resting voltage of your car battery and how to check the voltage, but we still have talked about how many volts are in the car battery when the car is running.

Generally, with the car going and the alternator charging the battery, it can reach 13.7-14.7 volts. This means there is a lot more voltage in the battery then is what is being advertised on it.


Now you know how many volts are in a properly charged battery. You also know a bit more how a car battery works and why it has a higher voltage than the advertised twelve.

You even know how to check your car’s battery in a primary way so you can stay on top of it and try to prevent the problem of having a dead car battery.

Which Is Better Between Porter Cable 7346SP vs 7424XP?

When it comes to shopping for an orbital sander, there are a lot of options on the market. Most major tool brands have their version, and a lot of the names have multiple versions in there line up. One of the best orbital sander brands though is Porter Cable.

Here in this article, we are going to look at two models that are fairly similar: Porter Cable 7346SP vs Porter Cable 7424XP. By the time you finish reading this article, you should have an idea which one is right for you between the two.

Porter Cable 7346SP vs 7424XP

Porter Cable 7346SP vs 7424XP

Click to check price at Amazon:

What Is The Difference Between Porter Cable 7346SP vs 7424XP?

PORTER-CABLE 7346SP 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander with Polishing Pad

Porter Cable 7346SP

Porter Cable 7346SP

Now we can look at the Porter Cable 7346SP and see why a lot of users like it. To start with it comes ready to use out of the box, which is nice. It comes with a sanding disc and a polishing pad.

It also comes with a side handle attachment and wrench to change the pads. The side handle is handy because it gives you better control when using the sander and also helps it cause less wear on your body.

This particular orbital sander is nice and compact. Users love that it is only 11.5”x10.5”x6”. This makes it, so it is easy to put in a toolbox or carrying bag if you need to take it on a job. Also, at 6 pounds you won’t get tired using it. The motor that is in the porter cable 7346SP is sturdy and has variable speed ranging from 2500-6800 OPM or Orbits per minute.

Also, the build quality is exceptional. People love how durable it is, and porter stands behind there product offering a full one year warranty with a limited three year one. This means if any issues come about you shouldn’t have any problem getting them resolved. Some people have had issues with the bearings going bad in newer models. People fear that they may be starting to slack in quality, but it might just have been a bad batch.

Another thing about this random orbit sander is it is swirl free and can accept accessories that are 5/16-24 spindle thread. The handle mentioned earlier is also in two positions and offers an excellent counterbalance.

The Porter Cable 7346SP is run off of 4 amp AC at 120 volts meaning that you can use it anywhere. Some people might want a battery powered one so they can take it wherever they want without the hassle of a cord, but the good thing about it running with a cable is it will never be dead on you.

Users love this model for all the things it can do. If you need other pads besides the ones that it comes with they are easy to get. You can get a great result on cars paint according to some users and most also love how well this wet sands.

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

Porter Cable 7424XP

Porter Cable 7424XP

Now we will look at the Porter Cable 7424XP. It is similar to the porter cable 7346SP. The motor is of the same high quality, and it comes with the same warranty plan. The motor still runs off 120 volts and at a variable speed of 2500-6800 OPM.

It even comes with similar things out of the box such as the wrench, handles, and polishing pad. However, one thing it does not come with is a sanding pad. This means if you want to sand you will have to buy a sanding pad separately.

Like the 7346SP the 7424XP can take any pads and accessories that have a 5/16 – 24 spindle thread meaning that getting other pads isn’t an issue, but it is annoying that you can’t sand right out of the box.

This model is also easy to use and balanced well, especially when using the two position handle attachment. The size of this unit is very similar. It is lighter at 5.75 pounds, but it is longer measuring 14”x6.5”x6”. This extra length has made it harder for some people to stick it in there bag and take it on the go.

This still is a good variable speed orbital sander though. The pads still work just as well an is swirl free. The build quality is also just as good. Many users are happy with how long this model has lasted for them.

It is a workhorse and can do any sanding or polishing you need. The fact that you can use it without the handle attachment is helpful and cuts down some of the size and weight. If you like switching hands for different angles, then you probably won’t want to use the handle.

Also, the speed controls being a wheel makes it very easy to choose the speeds you want. This is handy because you don’t have to guess what rate you have it set too.

Which Should You Get?

Which is better between porter cable 7346sp vs 7424xp?

Which is better between porter cable 7346sp vs 7424xp?

Choosing between the two can be hard because they are so similar, but the porter cable 7424XP is the better option for most people.

The fact that it is lighter means that it is easier to control and also easier to take with you. On top of this, it is the more durable option. While the 7346SP is a good sander, it usually doesn’t last as long as the 7424XP. When buying a tool you want one that is top quality and can be a workhorse for you. The 7424XP is just that.

Also, when it comes to speed controls, the 7424XP is more comfortable to set.

Lastly, you are probably going to want to buy new pads anyways, so the fact that the 7424XP doesn’t come with a dedicated sander pad isn’t that big of a deal. The pads out of the box are cheap, and while they can work to get the best results and no swirls or marks left behind, you will want to get some better pads.

However, they will both do the same job, so you can choose the 7346SP because cuttingly it cost less and comes with a sanding pad.

Uses for Orbital Sander

After comparing the sanders though you should probably have a rough idea of the uses for one. Well, you can do all kinds of things with an orbital sander, and sanding is only one of those things.

They are suitable for sanding wood to get a smooth finish before staining or removing the old stain, but you can also use them on other surfaces besides timber. You can use them to sand down paint on your car for example if you want to repaint it or you can even smooth down other metal.

Outside of sanding you can also polish things with an orbital sander. The rapid circular motion with the right pad can brighten up metal services or even painted ones. With an orbital sander, you can get a bright shiny finish fast on things.

No matter if you are polishing or sanding an orbital sander will make the job quicker and also do it evenly where by hand it takes longer and may not end up even.


Now you know what is the difference between porter cable 7346sp vs 7424xp, and have a good idea of what to look for when buying one. Just look at the speeds, the size, and think about what you will use it for. Either of these Porter Cable ones will do excellent work and provide you with a job well done.


Can You Paint Over Clear Coat On A Car?

For a car, the paint job has many layers. There is the bare metal which some primer is sprayed onto. After that, the base coat goes on.

This is the main color that you see. On top of the base coat goes a clear coat. The clear coat protects the paint under it and the metal panels of the car.

Most people might not realize that there is a clear coat on their car and just think the mainbase coat is the final layer. One question that comes up a lot though, is can you paint over clear coat on a car?

After reading this article you will have a better answer to this question, which has many opinions.

Can you paint over clear coat on a car?

Can you paint over clear coat on a car?

Reason To Repaint Car

You may be wondering if the clear coat is there to protect the paint underneath it, then why would you need to repaint the car. Well over time the clear coat can wear and damage can occur to the pain below it.

Also, if your car ends up with deep scratches, that can’t be buffed out, then you might need to repaint a section of your car.

One other reason is you might just get tired of the color that the car currently is. Maybe you have found your dream car model and year wise, but it isn’t the color you want. In that case, you would need to paint it.

Should you Paint Over Clear Coat

Now that you know why you might need or want to repaint a car it is time to get to the question at hand which is should you paint over the clear coat.

Well, the short answer is no because the clear coat is there to protect the paint and therefore makes it hard for other things, including paint, to stick to it.

However, there are exceptions to this no rule. Most of the time, the clear coat does not need to be completely removed to paint over it and most of the time the car does not need to be completely primed again.

If you are just performing touch up work, then you only need to scuff the clear coat to make the new paint adhere.

However, if you don’t scuff it enough or paint too thick, then the new paint will be noticeable. Generally, you have to paint a larger area, then just the scratched part to blend the paint well.

If you are changing the color of the car however, then it is a good idea to not paint over the clear coat. By painting over the clear coat on large areas, it can lead to waving and the old color showing thru.

This is because you need a lot more paint to cover the old color, especially if there is a major color change.

In this instance, you will want to completely remove the clear coat and make sure you are down to the old base layer. Then you will want to apply a primer before adding the new base coat color and new clear coat.

Should you paint over clear coat?

Should you paint over clear coat?

How to Paint Over Clear Coat

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If you decided to paint over the clear coat, then there are still a few steps you should take.

First, make sure your car is completely clean. The reason you do this is you don’t want any imperfections caused in the new paint or for your car to get scratched while you are trying to repaint it.

Then you have to scuff up the old clear coat to make sure the new paint will stick. The way you scuff up the clear coat is you take some sandpaper or a sanding block. You get it wet and then go over the areas that you are going to paint.

It is a good idea to tape off the trim and other areas that you don’t want to be sanded, so you don’t mess up other parts of the car.

You could also remove the part of the car that is getting repainted if it is a large area and you want to do that.

The grit of paper you use should start out with around 300 and work over it. Then you want to use something finer like an 800 to make sure it is extra scuffed.

You don’t have to remove all the clear coat, but you want to make sure you get it scuffed good.

Also, if you are going to paint over the clear coat you want to make sure the sanding is done evenly. If you get down to the base coat at any part, then you will have to remove all the clear coat or it won’t look good.

Once it is all scuffed up good you want to do one last good washing of the area to make sure all the loose particles are gone. Then it is time to get the new paint out.

A lot of people will use a spray gun or spray paint to paint over the scuffed up area. You just want to make sure to use smooth even motions so the paint will go on evenly.

You don’t want it to go on too thick in spots or to run. After you are done painting it you need to let it dry completely.

Then you can apply some new clear coat to protect your new paint job. If you took your car apart, then you can put it back together after the clear coat has dried.

If you only taped off, then make sure the paint and the clear coat is drybefore removing the tape.

How to paint over clear coat?

How to paint over clear coat?


So, to answer the question of can you paint over clear coat on a car, the answer is no. However, there are sometimes when you can get away with it if you do it right.

If you are changing the color or doing a large area, then you really should remove all the clear coat and reprime to get the best paint job.

If you are doing a smaller area of painting though or an area that is hard to see, then you can get away with painting over the clear coat if you do it right. Be sure to scuff up the old clear coat good to make sure the paint will stick well.

Also, be sure to take your time and apply the paint evenly to prevent warped looks. As long as you follow these steps in most situations you should be able to paint over your clear coat and not have people notice.

How To Remove Clear Coat From Headlights?

The plastic on headlights takes a lot of wear and tear. This comes from rocks and grit hitting them while driving, and also comes from the UV rays in the sun beating down on it. This wear can cause clouding and yellowing.

That is why a lot of people put a clear coat protective layer on their headlights to help them last longer. You should choose the best clear coat for headlights to get the best protection. The coating protects the plastic surfaces and helps the headlights to stay functioning at the top level.

Sometimes though the clear coat gets old and starts to wear off. Generally, though it doesn’t wear off evenly, however, instead it chips off making it have an uneven look.

After reading this article though you will be able to know what to do when this happens. You will be able to remove the old clear coat so you can restore your headlights and reapply new clear coat.

How to remove clear coat from headlights?

How to remove clear coat from headlights?

Things You Will Need

To remove the old clear coat you really don’t need a lot of things. The main things you need are a few different grits of sandpaper, some water, a microfiber cloth, a cotton towel and some plastic lens cleaner and polishing liquid.

The grits of sandpaper you will be using are 600, 1000, and 2000. The numbers mean how fine of sanding the paper does. The bigger the number the rougher the sandpaper, and the smaller the number the smoother or finer it is.

If you have sandpaper on hand but don’t have these specific numbers, then it is okay to use what you have as long as the numbers are close to this. The key is to just start with a small number and move to a bigger one. The recommended numbers are just a suggestion and many people will tell you different things.

The microfiber cloth doesn’t matter what brand and the polishing liquid can be whatever brand you prefer as well. It is a good idea to get plastic lens cleaner and polish that is made for headlights so it doesn’t damage the plastic.

The last thing you will need is some tape to mask off the paint. You want to use painters tape or masking tape that will not stick to the paint and cause damage to it.

Things you will need:sandpaper, some water, a microfiber cloth, a cotton towel and some plastic lens cleaner and polishing liquid

Things you will need: sandpaper, some water, a microfiber cloth, a cotton towel and some plastic lens cleaner and polishing liquid

Removal Process To Remove Clear Coat From Headlights

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So now that you know what you need and have everything together it is time to start the removal process. The first step is to mask off around the headlights.

You want to make sure to cover all the paint around the lights and also the chrome parts around it. You don’t want to accidentally sand the wrong area and cause more work for yourself.

After you have everything taped off it is time to start sanding. To sand properly you want to make sure to keep the sandpaper and headlights wet, this is because the particles from sanding can scratch the headlights.

This might sound odd since you are taking sandpaper to it, but you want to minimize the scratches from things other than the sandpaper.

To start with the sanding you use the 600 grit one first. This will remove most of the clear coat that is still on the headlight. Be sure to hold the paper flat while sanding and go over all the headlight evenly.

Next after passing over it good with the 600 grit sandpaper you want to move to the 1000 grit . You sand with it the same way keeping it flat and wet.

The 1000 grit paper will remove the last of the clear coat and start smoothing out the surfaces for the later steps. Once you have passed over both headlights good with the 1000 grit it is time to move onto the 2000 grit. This will really smooth out the surfaces and will ensure a good finish when down.

After passing over the headlight evenly with the last sandpaper the headlights will probably look cloudy and not clear. This is okay. It means you did it right. Now it is time to let the headlamps to dry completely.

After the headlights have dried it is time to polish them up. To do this start with a cotton towel and apply some of your lens cleaner and polish to it. Go over the surface of the headlight evenly and smoothly in circular motions.

You might have to do this multiple times to get all the loose plastic off the surface of the headlight and get most of the cloudy look off. Once you got the headlight almost perfectly clear it is time to move to the last step.

Steps to remove clear coat from headlights

Steps to remove clear coat from headlights

The last step is taking the microfiber cloth and do the same thing as with the cotton towel. The microfiber cloth though will leave a very clear polished finish. It will make your headlights look like they are new. Once you have this done it is up to you what you do next.

Most people decide to reapply a new clear coat to keep your headlights protected. After you took the time to remove the old clear coat and restore your lights to a new shine you don’t want them getting damaged again. You don’t have to put a new clear coat on them though, but it is a good idea too.


So now you know all the things you need to remove clear coat from headlights and you see it is pretty simple. You just need some sandpapers, water, a lens cleaner and polish, and a couple towels. One tip for removing the old clear coat and restoring your lens is do one headlight at a time. This is so you get it all even.

Also, take your time and mask off good so you don’t damage other parts of your car. With these tips and the steps in this guide, you should be able to restore your headlights to a perfect brightness with no trouble at all.


4 Best Clear Coat For Headlights In 2019 (Detailed Reviews)

Using a clear coat on your headlights is important. It helps keep the plastic from yellowing or developing a fog over time. The reason it is important to prevent the fogging or yellowing is that it can make it so your headlights do not function fully.

Also, once the breakdown of the plastic starts it is hard to reverse it. They do make headlight restore kits, but they don’t always work the way that it is intended.

That is why it is better to just protect your headlights. This article will provide you with a few great options to do just that. These headlight clear coats will keep your headlights protected or restore headlights to work at full brightness.

best clear coat for headlights

What are the best clear coat for headlights?

Top 4 Best Clear Coat For Headlights On The Market


Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

The first uv headlights clear coat is Meguiar’s G17804 coating. It comes in a 4oz spray can making the application easy. All you do is hold the can a few inches away from the headlights and then just spray it on. While it applies easily though, there are some other steps you need to take.

If your headlamps already have some wear, then it is a good idea to clean them some or use a restoration kit before applying this. Some users didn’t do this and found that this spray made their lights worse.

If your car is newer and you just want to protect your headlights that are already in good shape, then this product is good for that. This headlight clear coat can maintains clarity on new or restored headlights, also provides durable UV protection for headlights.

One downside to this being a can is you have to practice some with getting the right distance from the headlight. If you hold it to close it goes on too thick and can leave smudges or streaks. This can be avoided some by reading the instructions though and lean on the side of holding it too far back.

As for how long it last, most users find that it lasts for around 6 months even though it is advertised to last a year. Some of this could be due to where you live though, and it is still better than having to reapply every month. Plus the can has enough to use it a few times.


4EverBrite Headlight UV Clear Coat

4EverBrite Headlight UV Clear Coat

4EverBrite Headlight UV Clear Coat

The second uv headlights clear coat we will look at is 4EverBrite. This comes in a 16oz bottle. This headlight protector is easy to use. Users love how it is fast and easy to apply normally only taking a few minutes.

Also, one of the best features of this product is it doesn’t need to be reapplied month after month. Instead, it lasts up to a year so you don’t have to reapply it often. Since you don’t have to reapply it often, it is a good idea to reseal the bottle after you are done using it.

This is because the bottle comes with enough to do about 40 sets of headlights, but if not being used it will get thick after opening and become no good if you don’t reseal the bottle.

To get the best results with this product you do need to use multiple coats, so even though it applies fast you have to wait sometime between coats. The instructions say you only have to wait an hour, but most users recommend longer to get a more even coat with no streaks.

Most users are very satisfied with this product though saying it leaves there headlights looking clear like when the car was new.


SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration UV Block Clear Coat

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration UV Block Clear Coat

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration UV Block Clear Coat 

The next product we will look at is Sylvania Headlight Restoration and UV Clear Coat Kit. This comes in a 1oz bottle of UV coat and a 1oz bottle of activator. It applies similarly to a more traditional headlight clear coat. You should use a Sylvania complete restoration kit to ensure that the headlights has been cleaned before. 

You just spray it on lightly and a little goes a long way. Be sure to read the instructions because this one has a lot of steps. The box says it only takes 35 minutes to apply, but that is not accurate.

Most users seem to think that is a per light time because a lot of users take an hour to hour and a half when doing it correctly.

You have to prepare the surfaces with this kit and then spray the UV protector on. After that, you spray the activator on. The good thing is most users have had a lot of good experiences with this kit.

Most users say that it lasts for well over a year which is what is advertised, but it is good that it actually meets the advertised time. Also, this uv clear coat would be nice if the box had everything you needed, but it doesn't.

You will need some sand paper and probably some tape to mask off around the lights as well. This can be annoying if you don't know it going into the process of putting the clear coat on because you might have to go back and buy more materials. However, the instructions are easy to follow, which is good.


Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear

Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear

Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear

Lastly is the Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear. It comes in a can a lot like the first product and sprays on in a similar fashion. This headlight clear coat, however, can be used on all kinds of things besides headlights, so it is really strong.

The fact that it is strong makes the finish last a long time. One thing with this clear coat is it is good to use as a finishing layer. It doesn't have the same UV protection as the other options but leaves a bright finish on your headlights, that will last a long time.

One thing users didn't realize is how strong this chemical is. You want to make sure to do it outside in an open area and at the very least wear a charcoal mask. A respirator is the better option though if you have one.

For the best results with this product, it is a good idea to take your time when applying it. Slow even sprays get the best results and multiple coats will provide the best shine to your headlights.

Even though it is in a can, however, don't think that it lasts forever or a long time. This product only has a shelf life of around forty-eight hours in temperatures around 68 degrees. If it is hotter or colder, then it won't last as long.

You want to make sure to use it when it is warm, so it will dry well. By drying well it will leave a bright shiny finish on your headlights and this clear coat will protect the base coat.


Depending on how much time you have and how much work you want to put into your clear coat will kind of determine which one to use.

If you want something that is fast that will last an okay amount of time, then the Meguiar’s G17804 is fine. Also, this one is good if you have multiple cars to do.

The 4EverBright also applies pretty fast and it last longer. If your headlights are older you should defiantly lean between the 4EverBright or the Meguiar’s because they provide the best protection and last the longest.

Between those two it is hard to pick one that is better. Some will depend on if you want to apply with a can or in a more traditional way with pads. The can is nice because it stores better, but it can be harder to use.

If you are willing to put in a little more time though and want something that will last a bit longer, then the  Sylvania Headlight Restoration and UV Clear Coat Kit is the one for you. However, this kit is only enough for one car, so you need to buy one for each car you are going to work on.

Lastly, if you want long-term protection and are willing to use a separate base coat, then the Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear will give you the longest protection.


All four of these products are the best clear coat for headlights. They will protect your headlights from UV in the sun and keep them looking good. Also, on top of keeping your lights looking good, it will help them to stay working properly as well.

The sun can cause the plastic to break down and yellow or fog. This will cause your lights to be dimmer. By preventing this you will save yourself money and time form having to try to restore your headlights and you will keep them function at top level.

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