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Procharger vs Supercharger vs Turbocharger

When it comes to adding power to your engine, you definitely have choices. Sometimes the terms even seem to be used interchangeably. But what is the difference between them? And how do you know which one is the best option for your car?

Before charging into chargers, take a step back. What exactly is a charger and what can it do for your engine? What is it made of? How does it attach to your engine? These are some questions we will discuss. Hopefully at the end you will have a better understanding of the different types of chargers and be able to select the one that is best for you and your car.

Procharger vs Supercharger vs Turbocharger

Procharger vs Supercharger vs Turbocharger

What is a charger?

In simplest terms, chargers get more power to the engine. The way the power is obtained and delivered is what makes the difference between the different types of chargers. Knowing the exact differences between them and how they affect your engine are crucial for making an informed decision.

Both a Supercharger and a Turbocharger use forced induction to obtain power. A Procharger will use centrifugal force to obtain power. After the charger gets its energy, that power is then transferred to the engine. The type of charger you select will determine how it is mounted, how the energy is obtained and passed to the engine, what the effect is on the engine and how the charger will be mounted.

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How a Procharger works

A Procharger works using centrifugal force. The Procharger uses an impeller which spins at a high speed. This action causes air to be drawn into a small compressor housing. This forces additional oxygen into the engine. This in turn cause the engine to use more fuel which increases the engine’s power.

This type of charger is usually attached to the front of the engine with a type of bracket. It is then driven with a belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft.

What about a Supercharger?

A Supercharger is attached to the front of your engine with bolts. It uses a belt system with a pulley that is attached to the engine’s crankshaft.  When the engine spins, it spins the Supercharger. When the Supercharger spins, it forces air into the engine. How much extra power your engine will get will depending on the size of the pulley being used. In this case, remember that a smaller pulley will move faster, therefore creating more energy. Your car’s engine will get a bigger boost.

Now how does a Turbocharger work?

A Turbocharger works by utilizing an exhaust housing. This allows the charger to use the exhaust produced by your car to spin a turbine. This turbine then makes the compressor force air into the engine of your car. The increase in air, will cause an increase in your engine’s power.

So, which are the cons?

A Supercharger is pretty limited. It will only produce power as your engine is running. And since it needs the power your engine is producing in order to make more power, it is pretty limiting. You are essentially using horsepower to make horsepower. Another concern involves the possibility of blowing hot air in to your engine. This can cause problems and issues with your engine that have the potential to be worrisome.

A Turbocharger can have a delay in transmitting the power to the engine. This is known as turbo lag. Additionally, Turbochargers are sized for an RPM range. This is based on the gas and exhaust for the vehicle. Because of this, you may not get as big a range as with a Supercharger. It is also common for Turbochargers to get very hot and they will use your engine’s oil.  Because of this, Turbochargers often require additional pipe work and they are more demanding on the oil for lubrication.

What are the pros?

A Procharger is typically a pretty high efficiency setup. There is not a lot of heat involved, as with the Turbochargers. They are also capable of producing more power than the other 2 types of chargers. Prochargers are consistent, reliable and usually used in racing.

On the other hand, a Turbocharger is capable of generating a lot of power. And since Turbochargers use gas exhaust to generate power, this makes them have better fuel economy. In turn this system also helps to improve the efficiency of the engine, while giving a boost of power.

If you are just looking to add a charger to your engine in order to gain a quick boost of horsepower, then the Supercharger is a good option. The Supercharger will not have the lag that often happens with the Turbo. Since the Supercharger is attached to the engine’s crankshaft, the power boost is immediate. It is a cost effective way to boost your engine’s power.


Adding a charger to your engine is a great way to boost horsepower. There are several options available to you that can help you achieve this outcome. You should think about the type of car you are driving and how much additional power you are hoping to see. Take into account if you think a centrifugal system is for you? Or would one of the forced induction systems be better? Another factor is any additional pipe work that may be needed if you are adding the charger yourself as an aftermarket item. And the possible increase in engine oil to aid in lubrication.

Any of the three types of chargers can add a much needed, or wanted, boost of horsepower to your engine. Some make and models of vehicles might already come with a Turbocharged engine. And some dealerships may offer a charger as an option that is factory installed for your convenience.

Aftermarket chargers are available. This is typically something any car owner might want to install themselves. Just be sure to know how the system you are installing works and what the possible impact to your vehicle’s engine, fuel economy and horsepower will be.

What Is Different Between Magnaflow vs Flowmaster?

Whether you drive a truck, car or muscle car you might need to replace your muffler at some point. Or maybe you just want to ramp it up a bit so the neighbors can hear you coming down the street. The question is, which one should you use?

You need to think about a few factors when trying to decide on which muffler to use – the Magnaflow or the Flowmaster. Some drivers prefer a muffler with big sound. For them, the bigger sound is an integral part of the driving experience. For other drivers, they may be more concerned with the reputation of a certain company. They may feel that they can rely on a brand and that is more important than sound.

Both MagnaFlow and Flowmaster are good mufflers and will do the job well. Both of these companies are based in the United States and were founded within 2 years of each other. The similarities pretty much end there.

Let’s break down the integral parts of the muffler with each company.

Magnaflow vs Flowmaster

Magnaflow vs Flowmaster

Muffler Construction

Magnaflow – Magnaflow constructs their mufflers to be straight through. They use a perforated pipe and stainless-steel acoustical packing material. This helps to generate a loud and deep sound from the muffler.

Flowmaster – Flowmaster has manufactured their mufflers with a chamber style design and they do not use any acoustical material. They make use of baffles, metal plates, that help to manage the sound waves. The result is a sound that is more of a rumble.

How Long to Achieve a Consistent Sound?

With the straight through design of the Magnaflow, it can take up to 400 miles before you will start to notice a consistent sound quality. Magnaflow mufflers will give you a very loud exhaust sound because the straight through style is least effective at reducing noise. Because Flowmaster uses a chamber style design, you can expect the muffler noise to be consistent from the very first use.

What about the scavenging effect?

The Magnaflow muffler is stainless steel with perforations. This means that there are no restrictions for the exhaust gas that flows through. The result is that the exhaust gas flows through the muffler at normal speed. Faster moving exhaust gas equals great horsepower.

With the design of the Flowmaster, there is a different effect on the exhaust gas. The chambers actually slow down the exhaust gases. To help counteract this, the Flowmaster has added the baffles. The baffles create a scavenging effect by helping to create a vacuum. This vacuum helps the gasses to leave faster.

What about the sound?

Since the value of an aftermarket muffler is the sound it produces, you need to decide what sound you are hoping for. Many race and hot rod fans prefer the Flowmaster muffler. This is because their mufflers are known for their consistent tuned sound profiles. The baffles that Flowmaster use, are expertly designed to cancel out excess noise, while scavenging more exhaust from the cylinders.

Magnaflow is becoming known for producing a “smooth, aggressive rumble”. In fact, the mission of the company is quality, power and great sound. This is achieved by using a straight through design with perforations. The inside is packed with stainless steel wool to help the acoustics.

How do they look on my car?

Magnaflow has designed their mufflers completely out of stainless steel and polished muffler cases. This way, your car will look good from every angle. And to help you install their mufflers at home by yourself, Magnaflow includes a kit with hardware to bolt the Magnaflow to your factory exhaust hanger.

Which muffler is right for my car?

Flowmaster vs Magnaflow Sound Comparison

Magnaflow and Flowmaster both have multiple mufflers in their lineups. You can choose the one that is right for your vehicle, the type of driving you do and the sound you are hoping to achieve.

Magnaflow– the mufflers in this company are categorized by car and the type of driving. You will also have to choose if you want the exhaust to face out the rear or the side.

  • Performance series-also called MF series. This series produces a mild to moderate sound and aims to achieve a balance of sound between the interior and exterior.
  • Off-Road Pro-this series is good for off road trucks. It is designed to be lighter weight and takes increased ground clearance and modified suspensions into account
  • Competition Series- this series uses a larger diameter pipe. It is intended to maximize exterior noise. The result is an aggressively loud sound.
  • RockCrawler-this series is intended for the Jeep Wrangler. It is designed to accommodate aftermarket bumpers and give ground clearance for off road driving

Flowmaster– this company categorizers their mufflers based on sound level and power. The kits for Flowmaster include both rear and side exit options so you can try both on your vehicle before making a decision.

  • The Force II-this is considered the basic muffler system. The sound is very mild.
  • The FlowFX-this series is still street legal and it produces a very aggressive sound.
  • The Outlaw Series-this series is the most aggressive in the Flowmaster family. This muffler is constructed using a single chamber Super 10 muffler. The only thing louder would be no muffler at all.

Clearly both the Magnaflow and the Flowmaster are quality aftermarket mufflers.

Magnaflow are made with stainless steel and have perforations. They also use acoustical material packed inside. This design helps to generate a loud sound. However, you will need to get about 400 miles in before it reaches the desired sound consistently. The mufflers for Magnaflow are based on the type of car you will be driving and the type of terrain you will be on.

The Flowmaster mufflers are built using a chamber style design without any acoustical material. They use baffles to help manage the sound waves and scavenge for exhaust gas. Their mufflers are classified based on the sound level and power you hope to achieve

Now you decide.

Now that you have an idea as to how each company designs their mufflers, you need to decide which one is right for you, your vehicle and your desired sound effect.

How To Reset Power Folding Mirrors?

Most larger vehicles these days have mirrors that can fold in. These are pretty common on SUVs and trucks from many different brands. The main reason for this is that by being able to fold the mirrors in, it can help you get into tighter spaces.

For some, their garage wasn’t made for a big vehicle, and being able to fold the mirrors in gives just enough space to fit the vehicle into the garage. On older vehicles the folding mirrors were manual, but on newer ones, it is now a powered function.

What do you do if your power folding mirrors stop working right though? Well, the answer is you have to reset them. In this article, we will look at how to reset power folding mirrors, and also look at some other problems that might be going on with your power folding mirrors if resetting them doesn’t work.

How to reset power folding mirrors

How to reset power folding mirrors

Why Reset Power Folding Mirrors

So, before getting into how to reset power folding mirrors, we are first going to look at why you might need to reset them. There are a view reasons, and some reasons require a different kind of resetting than other reasons. The first reason why you might need to reset the mirror is if it is not folding in and out. The next reason is if something blocks their path while folding. The third reason is if they get manually folded or unfolded, and the last reason is if they vibrate while driving.

If loud noises happen while folding or they struggle to fold properly, then you might have to do more than just rest them. If they will not fold or make sounds while folding after resetting, then your problem is deeper. We will cover the deeper problem later, but first, we will get into how to reset your power folding mirrors.

How to reset power folding mirrors

How to reset power folding mirrors

How to reset power folding mirrors

So, depending on the vehicle you have, you might have to do different things to get the power folding mirrors to reset. The easiest though you can reset on your own, some vehicles you might need a special tool to reset them which means going to a shop or dealer. Before paying out money though to reset your power folding mirrors, you should try to reset them yourself.

For some power folding mirrors, all you have to do to reset them is to use the buttons on your vehicle and fold the mirrors all the way in and then back out. The controls you need are a little button that you push to the left or the right to select the mirror, and then an arrow button that moves the mirror in or out. You will want to move the mirror all the way in first and then all the way out. A popping sound might occur, especially if you are resetting the mirrors because they were manually folded. For the simplest of problems, this will reset the mirrors back to the correct position. This simple method of resetting doesn’t always work though.

If this method doesn’t work, or if your vehicle doesn’t have these controls, then you might have to reset the mirrors with a scan tool. Some vehicles have a computer function to reset the mirrors. Depending on the coding of the system you might be able to use a scan tool that you have depending on how good of one it is, but for others, you will need a special scan tool from the manufacturer which means going to a shop. With the scan tool, you hook it to the OBD2 port and scroll thru to the mirror reset option with the buttons. The website also recommend top 5 best obd2 scanner, you should find suitable one. Once their you press it and if it will work with your vehicle, then it will move the mirrors to the proper position. If it doesn’t work though, then you will most likely have to go to a dealership to reset them.

What if Resting doesn’t work

What if these two methods for resetting the power mirrors don’t work though? What if there is still one stuck or one that won’t fold? Well, then your problem might be something else that can’t be fixed with resetting. The main two things that could be wrong is that the motor for the power mirror has gone bad, or that gear inside the mechanism has broken. On a lot of vehicles, the motor that they use is cheap and the gears are plastic. This means that if you use the folding mirror option a lot of your vehicle that it could have worn out and broken. To find out if it has you will need to take apart the assembly.

When you take apart the assembly for your power folding mirrors, it will be pretty obvious if a gear is broke. You will find plastic pieces scattered about. If you don’t find any broken gears, then you should test the motor. To test the motor all you have to do is disconnect it and then connect the wires to a 9v battery. The motor should try to run if it is working. Also, check the fuse to the motor if you don’t find any problems with the assembly itself. If these things are working, then you should put it back together and will have to have someone else look at it. If the motor is not working, however, or there are broken gears, then you can replace them. If you are replacing the gears, it is best to buy metal replacements, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking again and your power folding mirrors stop working again.


So, now you know how to reset power folding mirrors and also what else could be wrong if resetting the mirrors doesn’t work. You also know the reasons you might need to reset your power folding mirrors. Having power folding mirrors is nice because that means you can fit your larger vehicle into tighter spots or fold them in so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting damaged. However, if they stop folding properly it can be annoying till you get them to reset or fixed. Luckily now you know the steps to take to reset your power folding mirrors or where to take your vehicle to have it done.